Ryan Bracha

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Strangers are Just Friends you Haven't Killed yet

"In your face and uncompromising..."

"A brilliant debut..."

"This is powerful writing..."

"If you like Brookmyre at his most violent you will love this..."

"Make sure you have some spare time as you won't be able to put it down..."

"Funny, brutal with twists and turns a plenty..."

"I will definitely read more by this author..."

"A bastard offspring of Jack White, Irvine Welsh and Chuck Palahniuk..."

"A must read. Bracha produces a riveting story with earthy believable characters..."

"Enough little twists and turns to make the plot original, and hold your interest..."

"This is a gory mixture of humour, comic book violence and acute observation. I don't think I can compare it to anything else and I mean that as a compliment..."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was very dark and intentionally disturbing..."

"The use of gratuitous swearing actually offended my eyes..."

"Am about half way... And have given up..."

"It's a rare experience to read a book as original as this one..."

"A great read from a bold author..."

"Ryan Bracha is one of my favourite writers. Encapsulating everything that is 'wrong' with modern society, his quick fire observational humour leaves you wanting more. Imaginative, witty, quirky and pulls no punches..."

"Cynical, dead-on observational humour drives each of these stories at pace. Each is a carefully carved bullet of fiction shot from the twisted mind of a great story teller..."

"All in all this collection has my sincere stamp of approval. Just read it when you have the following day to recover..."

"A wonderful set of twisted tales set around South Yorkshire which although pretty disgusting frequently made me laugh out loud..."

"The author deliberately challenges the reader in style, language and content. If you like a wild ride with the occasional hairpin corner then Bracha is an author you should seek out..."

This is a music promo I directed back in the day. Lyca Sleep are now defunct but their spirit lives on in the mighty Exit Calm.

This is Lyca Sleep, Sold me a Ride.

"Undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable novels I have read this year so far, this show is worth the entrance fee far more than many mainstream published novels I have read of late..."

"I enjoyed the mix of characters and they are well described. The writer makes this vision of the near future quite believable..."

"Paul Carter is kicking against the prigs in this fast moving and funny dystopian thriller that rings all too true. Brilliant..."

"This book got me hooked instantaneously.."

"Absolutely brilliant. Mr Bracha writes in a way that brings your imagination to life..."

"Buy it, read it; you'll enjoy it..."

"Ryan Bracha has established himself as one of the very best British authors, Indie or otherwise, with this wonderfully nasty, intelligent and exciting novel...."

"True to form, Bracha projects scenery and characters in the back of your brain that play out like a brilliantly directed movie. Then he smacks you in the frontal lobes with his dark wit and wry humor. Paul Carter is legendary in a future Britain that makes Big Brother look like a bitch...."

"Ryan Bracha is an interesting writer. His storylines are, to say the least, unique. This book introduces new characters and a nicely crafted view of a dystopian 'New Britain' that, it seems, is frighteningly close..."

" A more than worthy successor to Paul Carter."

" Ben Turner not only continues the excitement and inventiveness of Paul Carter but builds on, and surpasses its predecessor.
The pace is relentless and the plot marvellously, tightly-chaotic."

"A fantastic book with a great story, superb characterisation and a great ending."

"You need to buy it. NOW. Scrape your pennies together, get it bought & come join us in Ryan Bracha's twisted world - you won't regret it."

"The dystopian world of New Britain described by Bracha is like Orwell's Oceania on steroids."

"As usual with Ryan Bracha's work, the pace is relentless, the humour dark and the violence is VIOLENT. This man pulls no punches!"

"Fast paced, great characterisation, twisting plot, ultra-violent (as it needs to be in 'New Britain') as well as thought provoking."

"Let me just say if you're attracted to a taut, imaginative, violent, white knuckle ride of a novel then look no further. You'll devour this."

This book is brand new, so further praise will be added as it comes in...

" For me he remains the most exciting writer around and only seems to improve with each book."

"If you want a writer- and a series of books- that will excite, entertain, confound, and make your inner madman grin from ear to ear, the Dead Man Series is the world for you."