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Jeremy Bracsman Vs Rewan Tremethick

Posted by ryanbracha on May 27, 2014 at 1:15 PM

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Now then you bunch of ratbags. It's Question Time again with me, Jeremy Bracsman. Today I'm up against debut author Rewan Tremethick with the superb name, but I'm not here to kiss the arse of people who name people. I'm here to put some real highbrow questions his way. You in? If not why not, and why the fuck are you still here? Here we go...

Bracsman Vs... Rewan Tremethick



Tell me about your fucking book. What the fuck’s it about?

It’s about a paranormal detective, Laslo Kane, who has to take the most dangerous case of his career if he wants to get out of the game and do something a little less deadly for a job. He’s a bit tired of slimey, bitey, chopping, stompy, stabby things trying to kill him on a daily basis, you see. The money’s huge, but it does mean following a trail of bloody corpses back to the most dangerous crime family in the city.

There’s a lot of paranormal stuff out there, why the fuck should I buy yours and not Misty Ballbag’s Tales of Jedwin the Psychic Sperm?

To be honest, the sperm book sounds awesome. You should buy that.

But after you’ve read that, you should buy Fallen on Good Times because it’s like what would happen if Terry Pratchett wrote Sin City*. It’s dark and gritty in places, but some of the things that happen are just plain silly.

*This is probably an invalid comparison, but people like that kind of statement, so I’ll stick with it.

Good answer. That’s fair enough. The trailer for Fallen on Good Times is pretty pro. Did you do that yourself?

I worked with a local videographer that I know. The concept was mine, I edited the whole thing, and I certainly helped direct it. Chris was great though, and put a lot of his expertise into it. The music and voiceover were done by Christopher Escalante, and that little animated version of the cover was done by Snakeskin Studios, who also designed the cover. I could have done it myself, but it saved me half an hour so I let them do it.

Team effort.

Who you gonna have playing the lead when Hollywood eventually comes and buys your soul?

By the time that happens, I expect the people I’d want now will be too old. But if I were casting today to film tomorrow, I’d probably say Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s still a little too old, but he’d do a great job.

How come you decided to write? Is doing the Avon in your local area not enough for you or what?

I never really sat down and though ‘Today, I shall start writing’. It was just something I did. I’ve been writing since before I can remember, which is a terribly cliché thing for a writer to say. Maybe I already knew as a child that the real world was going to suck, so I thought I might as well get started on creating somewhere better that I could escape to?

So where does the dream ultimately lie? Shelves of Tesco or shelves of all good bookshops? Why?

I’d prefer the good bookshops. Less chance of someone going to buy my book and realising that if they do they’ll have to put one of their cabbages back in order to still qualify for the 10 items or less tills.

Your name is pretty cool. What’s the story there then?

Tremethick is about as Cornish as it gets – my dad’s side of the family goes back until church records began. Rewan is an alternate spelling of Ruan, one of the saints of Cornwall, who supposedly was either A) responsible for ridding Cornwall of wolves, B) invulnerable to wolves, or C) a werewolf. I am none of those things, although I have yet to be killed by a wolf, so maybe…

Can you do any magic tricks?

I’m British, so I can take any scenario and turn it into a reason to self-depreciate. You can check up my sleeves first, if you like.

Who’d win in a fight between a bear and a ninja who only has a stick for weapons and none of that throwing shit? Why?

Well the main danger is that a bear can take your head off with a paw, but if anyone’s going to have the reflexes to dodge that kind of thing, it’s a ninja. Those guys only need a stick, so that bear’s destined to become a rug.

Who’s your favourite character from any book, film or telly show?

I think it has to be either Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), or Richard Castle (Castle). You can probably detect a Nathan Fillion theme going on here, because that man is a genius.

When did you go to the toilet last? Number one or two?

I am struggling to believe this is a question that anyone wants answered. Unless you are secretly Gillain McKeith in a Ryan Bracha mask.

What’s your favourite band/artist?

Muse and Globus. The former most people have heard of. Globus are an epic rock band that take film scores and turn them into pop songs – something like 120 piece orchestra with a 60 piece choir (might be the other way around), then a load of drummers, bassists, guitarists, pianists and guest vocalists.

If you get dead famous are you gonna be a wanker?

‘Course not. I’m going to be a lovely, kind, genuine human being. Maybe I’ll be a wanker on weekends.

What’s more important in an eatery? Good beer or good food?

Good food, definitely. More importantly, good desserts. Seems like it’s not hard for a decent chef to put together a good burger, but after that I want a huge pile of ice cream with all the toppings, or the best cake in the world, and you don’t get that many places.

What’s next for Rewan Tremethick?

To be honest, I’m probably going to have a biscuit.

Rewan (not pronounced ‘Rowan’;) Tremethick is a British author who was named after a saint. St Ruan was invulnerable to wolves; Rewan isn’t. Rewan is a fan of clever plots, strong woman who don’t have to be described using words like ‘feisty’, and epic music. He has dabbled in stand-up comedy, radio presenting, and writing sentences without trying to make a joke. He balances his desire to write something meaningful by wearing extremely tight jeans.

Fallen on Good Times

Fairy tales are warnings. Legend is history. Monsters are real.

Paranormal detective Laslo Kane learned this truth the hard way. He’s had enough of the supernatural trying to kill him, but his latest job offer could provide him with a way out. A desperate investor has come to him for help investigating the murder of his business partner, and the money he is offering could change Laslo’s life forever.

It quickly becomes apparent that the killing is just one of several and that they are all linked. Laslo must follow the trail, even though he knows exactly where it ends: the mob.

Fallen on Good Times is released in Paperback and on Kindle on the 31st of May. Visit www.rewantremethick.com/fallen-on-good-times-novel to sign up and get chapters 1-3 for free.

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