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Review - J. David Osborne: Our Blood in its Blind Circuit

Posted by ryanbracha on May 16, 2014 at 2:35 PM

Rating: *****

Broken River Books head honcho J. David Osborne is a writer that intrigues me. His extremely strong online presence has caught my eye on several occasions, not to mention the absolute works of art that are the covers of the books his imprint puts out. So when Our Blood in its Blind Circuit was available as a special offer I took the plunge and downloaded it to see what depths of darkness this intriguing mind was capable of creating, and whether it was a case of severe style over substance. Take it from me, it’s dark as hell, and this confident writer more than fulfils the promise that the phenomenal imagery of the cover makes.

It’s a series of shorts and flash fiction that have been available in other places at some point over the last few years, and have now been collected and turn into a genre straddling, surrealist and nightmarish anthology which demonstrates exactly how talented a writer Osborne is. His stories are thick with descriptive prose that drips from the page, slithers up into your eyeballs and feasts on your mind, spitting out pitch black imagery and tortured souls that stay with you long after your window to their world slams shut.

The stand out tales for me, by an absolute mile were ‘Amends Due, West of Glorieta’, ‘Cash on the Side’, ‘The Thick Fog of the Alabaster Mountains’, and ‘Three Theories on the Murder of John Wily’. On the strength of this collection I will certainly be taking another venture into the twisted imagination of J. David Osborne, and you really ought to do the same yourself. Highly recommended reading.

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