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Review - Ignatious Doode: Consequences

Posted by ryanbracha on May 16, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Rating: ****





"Things in life ain't always quite what they seem, there's more than one given angle to any one given scene..."


That lyric's from a quite awesome track by a quite awesome act, and it's about not taking situations at face value, that there might be unknown acts by whoever which can often have horrifying consequences. It's also what this tale by Ignatious Doode set me in mind of.


It starts with Hannah, a woman trapped in a terminally dull marriage by a husband that takes her for granted, and their young daughter. By chance she meets the single mum of one of her daughter's friends, the vibrant and overtly sexual Sarah. The pair hit it off in several ways, unbeknownst to Hannah's husband Gary, who himself begins to sniff around pastures new. The whole episode brings into their lives a host of characters, stories and tragedy, largely due to the one man tornado that is the psychotic Jason, an injury lawyer with a penchant for violent and sexual retribution.


So let's have some words about what I thought eh?

I liked it, and I liked it a lot, with only a couple of buts. It's the classic device of several lives and stories intertwined, sometimes bumping gently against one another, sometimes one crashing literally head on into another. The author handles it superbly, not one strand is left dangling from the literary jumper that Ignatious Doode masterfully knits from a ball of sexual wool. The character of Jason commits some truly atrocious acts throughout the book and this drove me more than anything, to see who, and what would cause his inevitable demise, and although the acts in themselves are horrific, they never feel gratuitous or forced. Also the bonds between some of the characters feel excellent as the naive fall into the grips of predators.


So the couple of small buts then. There's sex. A lot of it. I'm not averse to it at all, and the author handles it remarkably, again knowing how to rein it in when other less skilled hands might drag it through a puddle of gratuity, but I felt the sex might have stopped me getting to know some of the characters a little more, which was my other but. I am a characters man, I love good characters above all else, this is purely a taste thing, and the introduction of sex as a way to show what kind of person I was dealing with became a minor irritation by the time I met Jasmine, as I say, it's written well but that was a case of personal preference.


Anyway, as an introduction to Ignatious Doode's work it was superb, well written, fearless, and held nothing back. I'll be picking up his other book, and keeping my eye out for more from an extremely promising author.





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